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Fawnling Commission: Headshot

Send points first, then I'll draw. 300 points per headshot or bust, please send the links to me!
Fawnling Commission: Fullbody
all-hail-queen-me.deviantart.c… <3

600 for one Fawnling. Please note me and explain who you want with links! For two Fawnlings or more, order two commissions and send both to me in one note!


[ANOM] Sanctuary - a renegade herd
Coming soon to a forest near you.
How to join: Simply fill out the provided Google Form—provided [HERE]—submit it and wait for a response. <3
All prospective members join as an Applicant and will remain that rank for one season before being allowed live in the main territory.
What is Sanctuary?
Formed in the spring of 1995, Sanctuary is the product of time and effort of two renegades who sought to settle down, but found themselves unwilling to truly find a place they could be free and yet remain together. And thus Sanctuary was formed in a mountain valley, cloaked by a dense forest, a distance away from numerous other herds.
An extremely young herd, there are only a handful of members that Rosalind and [IDK HIS NAME] had gathered over the last few years. As such, the herd and by proxy it's traditions are still developing and changing to suit the needs of their people.
:iconapplecinna:applecinna 3 6
LF Boucle Designer
Offering Slots for anyone who can design my beebs
Also can be more then one slot
Beeb 1:
Greying Creme Fertilité Nectar Etoile Frost Tache D'or Brilliant w/Butterfly Wings (Pearl carrier) (Normal)
*Will be a d'or carrier if no residue white is Shown*
Birthstone: Diamond
ID: G463
Optional Predicted Height: 16hh
Rolled for Butterfly Wings random breeding mutation(s)!
Beeb 2: This one will be a golden bunny, Just d'or covers it all but I can't golden a whole thing so big x'3
Dominant White on Greying Modern Pourpre Tache Rayé D'Or Perle (Lapin)
Birthstone: Diamond
ID: G341
Optional Predicted Height: 17hh
Rolled for Bald mane type!
:iconwarped-desire:Warped-Desire 1 5
Cry to the Wind- Bid by MoonShinersDaughter Cry to the Wind- Bid :iconmoonshinersdaughter:MoonShinersDaughter 10 8 Free Fawnling Sketch: Lord Rholite for queeniebean by Haloclimb Free Fawnling Sketch: Lord Rholite for queeniebean :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 2 0 Easter Auction 2017: Aquatic Fawns by BrokenFawnHill Easter Auction 2017: Aquatic Fawns :iconbrokenfawnhill:BrokenFawnHill 22 10
Easter Babies Auction 2017 - RESULTS POSTED
Easter Babies Auction
:new: :new: Now judged! As always, these were challenging to pick winners for and a ton of fun to see and read! Thanks everyone for joining in, and congratulations to the winners!
:new:There's been a rule update :D You now no longer have to both write a story and draw an image - you can choose to do one or the other - or both! :la::new:
For this year’s Easter Babies auction, we’ve got an aquatic theme! These designs are sure to make a splash.

Phenotype: Chestnut Marbled Pie // Black Chimera
Genotype: ee/aa/pipi/MbMb // Ee/aa
Designer: bovidaeloony
Defects Sets:
Set 1:
1. Mute
2. Arthritis and Bone Calcification
Set 2:
1. Oversized Ears
2. Vascular Disease
Set 3:
1. Deaf
2. Insensitivity to Pain
Shedo310 with Siopilos
:star: LittleStarDancer with 
:iconfawnlings:Fawnlings 16 31
Guide to Horse Colors and Patterns by Majnouna Guide to Horse Colors and Patterns :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 3,834 329 ToW Adopts - Queen Delphine's Family by Wistfully-Dreaming ToW Adopts - Queen Delphine's Family :iconwistfully-dreaming:Wistfully-Dreaming 21 38 E-000982 Female by FenHerder E-000982 Female :iconfenherder:FenHerder 4 0 S-000911 Male by FenHerder S-000911 Male :iconfenherder:FenHerder 4 0
Windborne Fawn Auction (lilac kudu)
OVER - thanks everyone :heart:
:new::new::new: (Hopefully) last update before closure; currently have four bids - and, I have decided to keep the original deadline. Judging will be done shortly after.
:new::new: You're allowed to submit your entry at any time and continue editing until the deadline; everything will be judged on equal standing.
:new: One entry so far + I might have to push the deadline up a bit
It's still quite early in the new TWI year, but Charlie (HappyPurinsu) and I have been discussing this for some time, and we have reached the decision to try auction off a fawn between our fawnlings Rhiangar (Allied Herd doe) and Leolin (Loyalist stag) from next rut. Despite their social standings and at times rocky relationship, their passion for each other has born fruit three times so far - and now you get the chance to win the next one
:iconchriswillar:CHRISwillar 11 43
Fawnling sister giveaway CLOSED!!
:new::new:Changed a little bit up and finally I have the boy ready! Here he is <3
:new:Okay, so trying again cause I was away and stuff. We'll give this a week? Until next sunday (2nd April)
Okay, so I thought it high time to host another giveaway just as I did last year. However, this giveaway has a bit of a twist.
What's the prize?
I have enough bacon for a rare tier design. This will be limited to getting a design to be used in TWI only (I mean you can take it into harpg after but it's main purpose should be twi)
What's the catch?
For my new freaky silverthorne child I'm looking to get him a half sister. A large part of his plot revolves around her and his really possessive, kinda obsessive love for her. I need someone to play her so we can rp and stuff, so here we are!
My boy will start out a newborn, so preferably she should be no more than two or three years older than him. She will share the same momma as him but my boy wa
:iconishaddixx:iShaddixx 6 35
StEE's Monthly Fawnling Effort Show - OPEN!
Since there is none thus far, have one now! :dummy:
I'm just sad I can't enter it myself. XD

General Rules:

- Fawnlings only!

- Classic and Saddle Type allowed.
- Each fawnling may only enter each class once.

- Each stable may only enter two fawnlings per class.
- Art Entries must be fullbody and have a background
- Literature only entries must have at least 1500 words
- Literature entries might be accompanied by art and vice versa
- Art must be done this show only (no reusing of old art)
- Art must be done by yourself.
- Tracing is allowed (credit must be given)

- held in outdoor arena : to come
- all ages allowed (but fawns must be shown with dam)
- Fawnling must wear a halter or collar
- Handler may be shown

:icondatnachtmaehre:DatNachtmaehre 7 1
Hypo Baby Meme Template by Narami-Heavener Hypo Baby Meme Template :iconnarami-heavener:Narami-Heavener 13 0
Lord Virgil x Lilith Fawn Auction:Winner Announced
New New New 
After what feels like FOREVER xD, I am happy to announce the winner! 
You guys made is SO HARD, so fudging hard, and in the end we had a standstill tie but there can only be one winner! 
Congratulations to Dovebite with your Lady Sadhbh! <3 
Lilith will be happy to spoil her totally rotten, and flaunt her around while silently judging as only she can.
I'm sure Virgil will grudgingly agree that his new daughter is adorable.
You can go ahead and submit her fawn design, making sure the one submitted to the group has all the lines and such 
as the neutral [aka, not colored over or they won't accept it]!
I also ask that you work on getting her reference submitted once her fawn design has been accepted,
within at LEAST 3 weeks of the design being accepted so she can get up and running! 
:iconthemisadventure:Themisadventure 9 77
Lore and Alignments

Nokt - A goddess said to be an enormous black owl, whose silver face is the moon. People who align themselves with the moon live a primarily nocturnal life, and believe that they receive Nokt's blessings when they ride her children, the Stryx, through the night sky for her delight. They attribute their dragons' night-time prowess to these blessings. Followers of Nokt are called Noktus.

Daius - God of the Sun, a phoenix-like eagle whose shape can not be discerned for all his brightness. People who align with the sun live a diurnal life, and believe Daius' blessings are the strongest. He is the bringer of light, giving warmth and beauty, aiding his children and subjects with the hunt. In daylight, Stryx and rider both have clear vision, and are easily able to survey their territories and fend off enemies. Followers of Daius are called Daiuses. 
:icondracostryx:DracoStryx 38 7


queeniebean has started a donation pool!
0 / 1,000
Need points for commissions and buying myself core instead of relying on certain anonymous donors -looking at u suga- so anything helps!

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payment | d924 bitumen sabre
featuring bitumen sabre! what a babe.

colored headshot +1
complex background +2
shading +1
colored headshot +1
complex background +2
shading +1
colored headshot +1
complex background +2
shading +1
colored headshot +1
complex background +2
shading +1
=16 MP

anom || calla lily

daima wearing calla lilies, symbolizing loss and new beginnings.

daima is a gem
boucles || payment of erato d21
what a handsome boy tbh. Smokeshop payment featuring erato d21!

+2- colored fullbody
+2- colored fullbody
+2- colored fullbody
+2- complex background
+2- complex background
+2- complex background
+1- shading
+1- shading
+1- shading

=15 MP
boucles || G450 lovely bones
ID: G450
Phenotype: Pseudo-Cremello Daydreamer Extended Skeleton Rayé Sabretooth Félin (Smoke carrier) Lion's Mane
Genotype: ee/aa/Crprl/ss/nDy/nRySex/nFnS/L
BMs/BDs: Triple Horns
Birthstone: Diamond (covered by Daydreamer)
Predicted Height: 16hh
Design by: Me!
anomalous || no fanfare
Featuring Angelica and Mentioning NPC Shadows
Late Spring, 1994
Shadow Army Jail, Deep in Austerian Territory
Wordcount: 942

There is no fanfare associated with the discovery. Nobody shows up and showers her in sparkles. The Shadow Army doesn’t go ‘oh, you’re special!’ and set her free so she’ll never have to endure another interrogation again. She doesn’t suddenly start blinding everyone with a heavenly glow.

But she’s excited nonetheless!

All facts are pointing to a case of Espirit. From what her brother has- had- told her about Royal magic, it’s a magic generally associated with goodness and joy and purity. The signs are subtle, but each one sends a warm spark into her heart- she stops getting infections from the mold in the damp floor of the cell, and she starts to feel things on a different plane; she can tell which guards are on duty just by feeling out their auras. It’s difficult to describe, but she knows that the short guard who’s often on duty is a pale blue-y splotch. Yellow-Eyes is a black inkdrop on the landscape, a hole punch that always sends cold horror up through her gut.

Unfortunately, her upbringing hardly allowed for much exposure to princess magic, so the development is incredibly hard to test, and the isolation of her prison doesn’t help one bit, but she can manage because she is a persevering young doe, damnit. For days she sits patiently at her cell’s door, waiting for a bird. On the sixth day, one appears. It’s a lovely songbird with a beautiful voice, warbling a pretty tune and flittering in the air, bright red feathers catching the gold light. 

Such a lovely little friend! Angel can’t help but smile at it, nudging at the few seeds she’s so carefully found and dug up with her laurel magic. “Hey, little pal! Want a snack? We can have a little chat too, super fun.” The bird seems to consider, then chirps agreeably and hops past the narrow bars into the cell with her. The golden doe freezes up. Startling the bird now might mean she doesn’t have another chance.

“Shh, friend.” Kneeling to the dirt, Angel sets her nose up next to the little songbird, trying to move slowly. She keeps her voice at a very soft whisper, both to avoid attention and to keep from spooking the little animal. "Hey, little buddy," she coos in her most soothing tones. "Hey." 

Something about her aura-sensing thing is brand-new, like she’s talking right into its brain. Cool. The bird does not respond, but that’s fine. Maybe it’s a shy friend. 

"Little buddy, I'm not going to hurt you! We're going to be friends." She’s greeted with the blankest of glassy stares. A strange and sudden wave of feeling crashes over her-


and she grins, elated. She’s talking to it! A bird! How funny!

"Hi, friend!" 

The bird twitches, head lolling sideways like a corpse’s. Angel can’t help it when the corners of her mouth twitch down, which she corrects immediately. Positivity is key. "Friend?"

Another tiny twitch-and-shudder as the bird stares her down.. 

Something’s starting to seem off. She may be uneducated on the subject, but she is pretty darn sure that the talking to animals is supposed to involve, well, talking. The bird isn’t even making any noise.  "Are you hurt?" She tries to feel with the magic for any distress, and senses a sharp pang of need-to-flee. Is that the bird, or her own emotions? It’s so hard to tell.

No response. The bird’s left foot shudders and goes through the motions of opening and closing, though it clutches at nothing but the cell’s loose dirt floor.

Maybe she just has to, uh, push harder! Yes, she isn’t talking loud enough to it. Her magic needs to grow before she can talk so quietly. The bird must be having a tough time understanding? She enunciates each syllable and repeats her question, a touch louder as the concern for startling the thing dissipates. 

"Friend?” This time she can’t keep the bite out of her voice at first, but she cuts it out at the second sentence. “Can you fly?"

It stares.


The anger pulls at her like the tide retreating from the beach. Something gives.

It happens all at once, all her pent-up annoyance rushing out in a single wave of booming emotion, and the songbird begins to shudder, wailing in a mockery of its species’ beautiful music. It’s a noise like dying, like torture, like a terrible mistake. She can’t hold it back when the dam of it breaks, and all of her senses are burning hot and bright and awful, pain in her legs as she rises up and stumbles back, the scent of iron in the damp air, too much heat, her vision spotted red and black and the worst part is how good it feels.

Her moral self seems to have vacated the premises, blocked out by all this power. Baring her teeth, she can imagine she’s a predator like the Linx or whatever they’re called in the mountains, not a limping fool of a doe. She forgets her name as she drops to the floor and rushes once, again. Three times, her hooves come down.

The bird stops staring eventually. Minutes after, she comes to and begins to sob, curling herself up on the floor with the little red corpse to her back, begging forgiveness from her goddess, any deity, really. This is not Espirit magic. It’s something darker, meaner, sharper in tooth, darker in the light. No, this is a magic made to hurt and twist and tear at minds. This is a curse.

There is no fanfare.

Featuring Angelica and Mentioning Theodore and Princess Cadhara
Spring, 1994
Outskirts of Austerian Territory
Wordcount: 1.3k

The forest was disconcertingly… normal. 

It felt like somehow there should be an indicator that the world had gone wrong, but none existed. Sunlight played through trees. A clearing here and a sapling there. Birds sang saccharine melodies in the pale green treetops while the floor of the forest stretched on and on and on, so far she could not see the end of it, the whole world painted gold and green and mottled with greener shadows over gold light; it felt endless and smelled of the green life-smell of eternity. 

Angelica felt like an ant in comparison. And an ant she was. Easily crushed, an ugly unwanted pest-of-a-creature, she had failed to even keep up with her brother. Hope glowed in her still, but it would be difficult to catch up to him, and she couldn’t even say for sure that she was headed in the right direction. In the chaos, her memory of his panicked retreat was muddled and little more than a collection of shapes. It might have been a left instead of a right, or he could have gone west instead of east. 

By Vae’a, she just wanted a footprint! One freaking footprint and she'd be happy, one trace that she wasn’t alone in the forest and going to be lost forever, one hint! One hint that the pursuers, the terrible things with their terrible teeth and terrible claws and terrible awful faces, weren’t going to catch her and eat her up here in the forest and leave her only as ivory bones on the floor of the woods.

Which brought the doe into another train of thought. They were behind her, slinking slimy and dark in hot pursuit. She’d known since she set out that the shadows would hunt her, but hadn’t known how terrible it would feel. She winced every time her bad leg dragged against a twig or a rock, hating herself for drawing attention with the scraping sound.

All Angel needed was a footprint. One footprint. A single sign, anything to bolster her spirits and make her feel less like a terrified rabbit hiding in the undergrowth. 

Time seemed to be slower than its typical pace, but her heartbeat was at stroke-inducing rates. She needed to get out. Frantically, she cycled through all the stories Theodore had told her of other herds. There were great predator-sorts in the mountains, a friendly type of dwarfs in the foothills, peaceful swimmers out on the coast, and a race of winged tyrants who were to be avoided at every cost. Any of them would be better than the corrupted mess of her homeland.

Just a footprint.

Her voice echoed in the open spaces, and she flinched- she’d said that aloud. The Shadows would hear it. Stupid, stupid, that was a stupid mistake and Theo would be angry with her. Though it sent bright and burning pain up through her leg, she picked up the pace, ignoring her injury in the face of another bout of panic. Behind her, she felt a movement with some archaic prey instinct, and felt the adrenaline rush through her veins.

It continued like that for an undefined length of time. Sun being obscured, it was incredibly difficult for her to tell time, except for how the pursuers were slowly gaining on her. They were clearly toying with her, seeing as they could have easily taken her down by now if they wanted. 

One of them was now occupying a small corner of her peripheral vision, just a dark smudge in the foliage. She refused to turn her head to look at them. 

A cursory glance at the undergrowth-

Every nerve in Angel’s body sang. There, indeed, was a hoofprint in a patch of dark mud, and she froze immediately, forgetting everything to stare at it. 

Hope rose up in her. She was going the right way, after all! She just had to pick up the pace and she could catch up to them. Surely Theodore would be relieved to see her, and she could meet the princess, and the other two. It would be perfect.

Angel raised her head to continue in the right direction, spirits bolstered, and stared straight into a pair of yellow eyes. 

She screamed. 

Before she could think, she was rearing up, teetering on her legs as all the muscle pain from the journey rushed back, the whites of her eyes moon-wide. The Shadows were upon her in an instant, and she could see that there were three of them, all foreboding giants who could likely crush her without a second thought. Yellow-Eyes reared up as well, a blur of darkness and scales, and sunk claws into her shoulders. It was just enough to knock her backwards.

The doe managed to twist and avoid knocking her spine on a log, but the fall still took all of the wind out of her. Yellow-Eyes had taken the opportunity and positioned themselves over her, giving her the opportunity to survey their pointed antlers and sharp fangs. Behind them were the other two Shadows, one a hulking pale Scybilline and the other a spindly Austerian with a massive rack. She couldn’t take them, not in her wildest dreams. 

Angel’s breath was escaping her in heavy pants now, and every bit of her was smarting from pain. Feebly, she kicked up at Yellow-Eyes, but they only danced out of the way. The Scybilline stalked around to her head, jaws open and dripping with what appeared to be a sort of silver venom; Yellow-Eyes advanced with a victorious smirk, hissing low in their throat, and trailed one clawed foot along her jawline. 

“Gotcha.” She squirmed away from the touch, but they only adjusted to keep the pointed claws pressed to her throat instead. “Hussshh dearest fawn, we’re not planning to hurt you. Our Queen requestsss you alive.” Every ‘s’ seemed to be drawn open like a snake’s hiss and every vowel clipped, an effect that should rightfully have seemed stupid but only served to frighten.

“Who are-”

“I ssaid hussh!” A pinprick of red blood rose from her throat as Yellow-Eyes applied further pressure, and she choked back her words, panicked. “Much better. You’re awfully pretty, when you shut your mouth.” 

For a second, she let the words rattle around in her head, and then it sunk in. Hot anger bubbled in her. Without warning, she kicked up with her back legs at the same time as she drove her head forwards, scoring a line into the would-be flirt’s face with her antler. Yellow-Eyes reared up again, clicking in pain, and Angel rolled over onto her feet, ready to run. 

Not far enough away, though. The Austerian stepped in front of her, face stony, and the Scybilline bit into her leg as she attempted to flee, immobilizing her as the burn of venom started up. Yellow-Eyes struggled to their feet in her peripheral vision, an eye half-closed where the antler had scored over their face.

“H, h-hah! Not so fast,” a heavy breath, “princess.” They tried to move forward, but stumbled, eyelid twitching. “You’re going to come with us, and you’re going to tell us what you know about the location of dearesst Caddie and her palss, yes?”

From the direction of the pale Scybilline, she felt a strange warmth emanating into her head, but very shortly she could not even consider the fact that it felt very wrong. No, said the warmth in her mind, you don’t want to struggle.

Slowly, looking up at Yellow-Eyes with the glassy face of a doe possessed, Angelica nodded, though every bone in her body longed to fight or to flee. 

She rose to her feet, and the Shadows began the process of bringing her to the place that was no longer her home. Her brain incapacitated, she went willingly.


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